Deco Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of top quality decorative sealers for the concrete paver, roof tiles and concrete industry. We offer a full line of coating strippers, sealers and enhancing sealers that are non-hazardous and easy to apply. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a seasoned applicator our products are engineered for you!


SilaCast BES

Renew and enhance concrete pavers, concrete roof tiles and other porous substrates.

Deco Clear Finish

Dramatically reduces the amount of time for mold and mildew to return after cleaning. 100% transparent.


Topical acrylic sealer for non-porous materials such as Travertine tile and other natural stone.

Salt Shield

Protects concrete from deicers and salts. Helps reduce
spalling in concrete.


Safely removes most sealers and coatings from concrete tiles and other similar materials.

Bio Blacktop

Non-asphalt driveway sealer. Conditions and seals asphalt
parking lots.


Soft wash cleaners are in the making. Check back soon to see what we have to offer.

Color Shades

Bring back the vibrant colors your pavers once had. Our penetrating technology injects the color in to
the substrate.

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Applicators Wanted

Are you an experienced applicator or are you looking to get involved in a new career? Contact us to see how you can add more income to your business or become your own boss. Training and start up packages available through Deco Products “Certified Applicator” program.

About Us

In 1991, DECO PRODUCTS, Inc. realized a need for environmentally friendly sealers and coatings for the concrete industry. Most products at the time were heavily solvent based, hazardous to the environment and dangerous to applicators. Along with our team of chemists, we developed our first product: DECO 20 Penetrating Concrete Sealer. The goal was to create a superior quality non-hazardous clear penetrating sealer. DECO 20 was rigorously tested by independent labs and approved by the International Code Council (ICC) as the only APPROVED clear sealer for use to dampproof basement foundations.  Since then, Deco Products has developed numerous environmentally safe products for the betterment of concrete, brick and porous surfaces.  We have a proven track record and have no intentions of slowing down! We are dedicated to maintaining being the leader in the industry when it comes to green coatings and sealers.


Deco Products is consistently striving to develop new products that are safe and effective, and that address various new issues that arise in the industry.  We have stayed on top of technology and will continue to do so for the benefit of homeowners, applicators and the environment.


While others have followed our lead and try to imitate our method, Deco Products has always been and will always be the original pioneer in environment friendly water-based coatings.  Because we are the original, our products remain superior and will continue to be superior to the competition.  Try as they might, there is just no disputing over 25 years of experience and success.


We don’t sell a product and walk away. Our goal is 100% satisfaction! Our team works with our applicators to ensure quality installation for the customer/homeowner.

Deco products manufactures all of their products out of Denver, CO but has suppliers and warehouses set up throughout the country and in Puerto Rico. To find the nearest place to purchase please call our home office at Tool Free 87-SILA-CAST (877) 452-2278 or email us at